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Mi día de Suerte was launched in Mexico in October 2017, the online game portal, CMillonario.com, being pioneers implementing the first 100% native app in the country, allowing users to play the most popular products of the “Pronosticos para la Asistencia Publica” contests: Melate, Melate retro, Tris, Chispazo, Progol and Progol mid-week.

Shortly after September 2018, CMillonario.com integrates to its offer the main national lottery contest the Lotería Nacional (Lotenal): Mayor, De diez, Superior, Especial, Zodiaco, Zodiaco Especial, Gordo de Navidad and Magno.

“Looking back, it has been a very important strategic decision for the beginning of our platform, it allows us to compete in the market focused on the operation and the customer’s attraction backed up with a robust cloud platform. Financial Solutions, as a technological partner, has been attending closely and in every moment, our necessities and launching the solution on Amazon, we have felt all their support throughout the entire process”

CMillonario Team
August 2019

The Challenge

In early 2017, Mi día de Suerte started the project with the vision of competing at a great scale, intending to create a robust and flexible web and mobile platform. One of the main challenges was to generate a transactional architecture, with the flexibility to scale products and to take them to a next level. Integrating the payment engine and both services from Pronósticos para la Asistencia Pública and the national lottery was a major key fact.
AWS has been a cornerstone for many of the important points of this infrastructure to be created solved, working, like the redundancy of the VPN, a high availability scheme covering up the demand peaks.

The Benefits

Currently, CMillonario.com offers its users the chance to purchase tickets both at Pronosticos para la Asistencia Publica and the National Lottery.  It has a built-in payment engine using a registered card wallet, which makes the user’s experience even more fluid and intuitive.
Tools such as the load balancers with SSL, Cloudfront, S3 storage, AWS RDS, VPN with redundancy and auto-scaling, have delivered excellent support to each one of these aspects. The perspective of the administrated services is the answer that CMillonario.com needs as support in the technological areas.

The speed with which AWS adds relevant services supports the decision of having chosen it.

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