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Safely, efficiently, and swiftly perform your organization’s tax work, ensuring constant compliance with regulatory changes in your fiscal management.

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Discover the cloud-hosted tax management tool, the most powerful in the market, and contract only the modules you require for your business context.

ONESource Tax draws from various sources of information, including our partner Thomson Reuters, world leaders in information, and Financial Solutions, specialists in cloud platforms, security, and data management.

Unveil the power of this solution.

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Discover the modules included in the ONESource TAX suite.

What will you get with ONESource TAX?

Focus human talent's time on strategic activities and eliminate the risk of manual work.

Access all information

Automatically import financial information from different data sources.

Quickly consolidate information

Allows you to create an alternative chart of accounts or equivalent to consolidate the information.

Quick tax calculation

Calculates effective tax rates by legal entity, subconsolidation or on a consolidated basis.

Compliance Audit

Performs monitoring and auditing of operations throughout the calculation and adjustment process.

Complete tax calculation

Configures and automates the calculation of current and deferred income tax provision, as well as specific tax calculations.

Full reports

It provides self-conciliation reports that allow you to identify the most relevant adjustments and have visibility of the entire process.

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