Job details
Degree of study

Bachelor's degree or technical degree in computer science or related field




21 or older

Working hours

Part time

Job type

Home office

Offered Salary

Tester intern 

  • Perform requirements analysis for the design and execution of software tests.

Key Responsibilities

  • Design test cases based on functional requirements
  • Generate test data
  • Component, integration and system test execution
  • Perform test documentation
  • Incident logging and tracking 
  • Analyze and report test results


  • Leading projects during the career

Required Skills

  • Knowledge of software testing methodologies and models software development life cycle
  • Knowledge of tools for testing execution and monitoring

Nice To Have

  • Attitude, responsibility and commitment, results oriented.
  • Detail-oriented (paying attention to detail, to particularities)
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Ability to quickly incorporate and assimilate the organization’s products / systems
  • Analytical / critical thinking
  • Basic financial knowledge (desirable)


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