About Pied À Terre

“AWS allowed us to think about a global platform, its flexibility in technology was key to going from less to more. We grew thinking big and at the same time we invest in a phased method according to our needs. Our provider, Financial Solutions has been a strategic partner, understanding our vision and generating a global platform in a short time.”


As AWS contributed to the arrival of a new player of the global market for hosting platforms, focused on the luxury segment. The differentiator of Pied À Terre in its business model is that it incorporates innovations to update the demands of the accommodations and experiences that new generations of travelers demand and expect; including a permanent 24/7 concierge service for travelers and hosts; the standardization in the quality of the supplies, routines and services offered in the properties thanks to the introduction of the concept of the “Household Goods”, which is necessary to guarantee quality standards; and the implementation of a permanent promoter arm, in charge of the design and commercialization of travel routes and special circuits of properties located around the world.

The Challenge

Create a global platform that can move forward dynamically and flexibly alongside the growth of Pied À Terre. More than a few were the challenges that result from the design of a large-scale platform, in which AWS was a key factor for several reasons.

Main technological challenges

The management of charges and payments in various currencies, considering a platform operating in more than 15 countries. The synchronization of calendars between different platforms. A scalable architecture that allows flexibility according to the customer’s growth. The security in all internal and external flows.

The Benefits

Currently Pied À Terre, has a mature AWS AWS architecture that is growing day by day.

One of the main benefits has been the integration with AWSmanaged services, such as: RDS database that helped to have backup and replication schemes from day one. Cloudfront that allowed to distribute the content in the different regions for a better experience in the platform. S3 is an image repository.

Some other tools like auto-scaling, SSL load balancers, AWS Cognito integration have solved tasks in a standard and secure way. AWS Lambda for running microservices in different flows.

The speed with which AWS adds relevant services backs up the decision of choosing it over the competence.